Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crushing Violets: Making My Healing About Me

Yesterday, I sent an e-mail to the fellow who hurt me. I sent an e-mail forgiving him. I am ready to let him go and make my healing about me. It's time. Here's what I wrote:

You are responsible for the darkest day I've ever known -- and the attendant hole left where my child trust, innocence and vibrancy dwelled before you stole them.

I am working hard at healing and only now beginning to understand that the strength of my character was not enough to lift your 200 lb will.

I forgive you. And I hope that carrying even one less grown-up child on your back lightens your load.

Mark Twain wrote Forgiveness is the frangrance violets shed on the heels that have crushed them. His words have inspired my effort at alchemy. I want to transform violence into violets.

I hope you carry a transformation with you as well as you make your way in the world.


Now it's time to work at healing by focusing on me.

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carolann said...

That is a good letter..hope that it helps you focus on you and not worry bout him so much.


thinkin about you today..